Requirements to Start Your Corporation in Switzerland

There’s a reason why corporations all over the world choose to start their corporation in Switzerland. To incorporate in Switzerland, your business is required to meet quite a few standards, but the benefits are numerous and well worth the effort.

For example, incorporations in Switzerland have several tax benefits that make it a favourable place to run your business operations. The extensive agreements used in Switzerland make it possible for your corporation to avoid dealing with double taxation.

What Your Company Needs First

The requirements for incorporation are numerous, and there are quite a few steps that you have to go through in order to be considered a corporation in Switzerland. One of the first things that must be established is the current status of your company. For example, to start a corporation you need at least three people or entities as incorporators and shareholders. Luckily, these people don’t have to be residents or citizens in Switzerland to be incorporated.

While the incorporators don’t have to be residents of Switzerland, you do need a board of directors. A majority of the members for your board must be Swiss citizens or at least citizens from a nation in the EU or the EFTA. A majority of the members of the board must also reside within Switzerland.

Company Types

Various types of companies are capable of becoming incorporated in Switzerland. Some of these company types include a single-owner company, limited and general partnership, limited liability companies, and offshore companies.

While the many company types are all possible for Swiss company formation, any potential corporation has to at least have a share capital of CHF 100,000.

The Steps Involved in Registering in Switzerland

The documents for incorporation have to be signed in front of a notary republic. The capital for the business must also be deposited into a bank account, employees must be registered with the social insurance service, and various other important things must be done before a business is fully incorporated in Switzerland.

While the process may not take longer than a few weeks to accomplish everything that is needed, it is important to have your affairs in order and to make sure that all documents are appropriately prepared and signed to help move things along faster.

Getting Help

Incorporation is a huge benefit to many businesses, but it is far from simple. Even after you’ve gotten incorporated, there are still several activities and tasks that must be done in response to this action.

When you’re getting your business incorporated, it is wise to seek professional services or assistance with the process to help ensure that everything goes according to your plans and expectations. Many services that help with incorporating a business in Switzerland work tirelessly to help make your business goals a reality.