Online market for second hand cars

Till until a few years ago, if a person wished to buy a car, he or she had to travel to a registered dealer or showroom and go through the various options for cars available. More than once, they had to undergo multiple trips to different showrooms and dealers and then sit and compare to find the best deal offered. The process was all the more tiresome in case of used cars.

Introduction of online portals

The consumer today has become smarter and wants to avail these facilities from the comfort of their homes. They wish to save time, effort and costs involved in having to visit multiples dealers and sellers to compare models, options, costs and accessories. Hence they opt for an online portal for used Maruti Suzuki Swift in Bangalore.

Initially, the trend began with one or two portals and now we have a multitude of online portals selling second hand cars. Many local dealers have recognised this growing market on the internet and have also developed online portals to capture this group of buyers. Many owners are also selling their cars online on a number of websites.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As is mentioned above, an online portable is definitely economic, shows a large range of cars and caters to the needs of all the buyers. These portals also provide attractive discounts and offers. A major disadvantage of an online portal is that the buyer is unable to physically assess the car himself or herself and be assured of its quality and condition.

Price variability

The price of the same Maruti Suzuki Swift varies from one portal to another. Thus the buyer is at a liberty to choose from a number of portals, from a number of models and from a number of specifications to suit their needs.

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