How does Departmental Store Credit Cards tempt you to Shop more?

You must be heading at utmost speed to the peak retail season. However, you would soon, if not had already, start wondering what should you do about the gifts and added expenses required to be given in the holiday season. It would not be wrong to suggest that November and December have been two important months of the year for major expenses along with major enticements. One among the several temptations would be the store credit cards.

Temptation at your behest

A majority of these temptations would be staring you in the face at your local departmental store. The wonderful food, Christmas decorations, fashionable clothes for Christmas parties, perfume and jewellery to impress your better half, specially wrapped chocolates and sweets all would allure you. In the coming few months, you would be surrounded by people in the departmental store, who would be frantically stuffing their baskets with everything they could lay their hands on. They would be shopping as if there were no tomorrow. Maybe, they would be right in their frantic shopping, there might be no tomorrow. However, let us assume there being no tomorrow and other things, but there is Christmas Day nonetheless.


Shopping could be contagious

It would not be wrong to suggest that shopping could be contagious. People tend to go silly in the run up to Christmas. However, the sad thing has been that several of those who would often go silly might not be able to afford it. The shopping binge would result into a credit binge. It would lead to a despondent New Year. The department store has been similar to a magnet for this seasonal madness. It does not matter if you are from the North Pole, the South Pole or anywhere in between, the magnetic attraction would be there nonetheless.


You could be sure of one thing that department stores would be doing all they could do to get hold of your money in the coming few months. It does not matter whether you have money or not. In case, you have no cash, no saving to spend, the departmental store credit card would be flourished alluringly in all corners of the store. With all the shine, the daze and frantic purchasing of extravagant Christmas going around you, these store credit cards would be similar to an oasis in the desert.

Are you tempted with store credit cards?

Department store credit cards have been known to keep their place, but not essentially in your wallet. The interest rates could be significantly higher. Therefore, you should be wary of that, provided you feel yourself being pulled into their trap. Nonetheless, they would be offering interest free credit. You must be excited over it. The question to ponder upon would be for how long. Are you ready to do it for good? Could you really afford to pay back within the free credit period? You should be wary of the sting in the tail of that credit card from your local department store. You would be required to check the offers properly along with the fine print prior to signing in.

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